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Monday, October 31, 2011

Building Self Esteem

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to join the Citizen TV  Kubamba crew at State House Girls for praise and worship this Sunday, and I had such a great time. The topic was self esteem and I was amazed at all the energy the girls exuded. 

However as I left after the show, quite a few girls pulled me aside to talk about their self esteem issues. Beautiful girls who feel they are not pretty enough, capable girls who feel they are not clever enough, wonderful girls who feel they are not good enough... We are truly held back by our own lack of belief in ourselves. Truth is, these girls opened up to me but there are many adults suffering the same torment. 

A few weeks ago I wrote the poem below. I was thinking about how important it is to accept ourselves and to let others accept themselves too. I designed it for children but hopefully it will have impact on children and adults alike, and maybe be a blessing for someone struggling with esteem issues.

I Love Me 
by Julie Gichuru

I love me and I'm proud of it,
I am not ashamed to declare it.

Some may say I am far too short 
But I love that I am not too tall...

Some may say I am far too tall
But I love that I am not too short...

Some may say I am far too fat,
But I love me... Each and every part...

Some may say that I am far too thin,
But I still love the the skin I am in...

Don't like the way I walk?
Or the way I talk?
That's a crying shame!
But all the same -
I love me and I'm proud of it...
Walk, talk and all.

He made me in His  image,
I must be perfect.
If not, the imperfection is me,
And I love me -
So I'm proud of it.

White, black, tall, fat,
I love me.
Strong, weak, brave, meek,
I love me.

So love you too,
And be proud of you,
Perhaps then you'll see
The world anew.

I love me and I'm proud of it.
I pray that you love you too.


  1. Lovely poem here. I keep encouraging people to love themselves first and that way they will realize that they can handle any form of criticism. God bless you Julie.

  2. Hi Julie, thanx for the encouragement. Be blessed.

  3. i love me too. nice poem julie

  4. Is a nice poem and so inspiring.

  5. Beautiful Poem... very encouraging.
    I had esteem issues but i was reminded that God has made us each in His own Image.Beautifully and wonderfully(Psalm 139:14)

    We should all adopt the 'I LOVE ME' attitude and encourage those who are not yet confident to say that

  6. nice peom it encouraging and it has inspire

  7. Poet Julie, a poem after my own heart! Well said. I hope all girls will read and take note!