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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

God Transforms Challenges into Opportunities

I was horrified some months ago to find that there were rumors online and subsequently out in the real world too, alleging that I am a victim of domestic violence. It was perplexing to me that someone could actually sit down and fabricate such a thing and take the time and energy to push such malicious lies... And yet someone did, with plenty of energy and determination. I have no idea what the motivation of this person was but I can tell you this, what goes around always comes around. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

Leaving the matter of retribution in the hands of my Lord, I nevertheless had to deal with intense annoyance and irritation at the whole thing. It was also very hurtful to see my hubby have to suffer the tag of wife beater, when he actually treats me like a flower. It was also upsetting to imagine that girls who look up to me could fall for the whole story, and mistakenly conclude that perhaps being battered is not such a big deal.

Let me be clear. Battering is extreme abuse. It is criminal. No certificate gives anyone the right to do inflict harm on another. It is unacceptable. Period. There are no excuses. I know plenty of single parents bringing up children and I am sure that a child would rather grow up in a safe environment with less privilege and money, than in a wealthy but violent and loveless home. Children need love and stability, the damage inflicted by a violent environment far outweighs other considerations. As for me, I would never accept any form of physical or emotional abuse from anyone. I respect myself and have always expected those around me to do the same. I wish the same for every woman, man and child.

However, after being annoyed for a while I started to see the silver lining... Yes indeed, the silver lining. Because when life hands you lemons, you must simply get into the business of making lemonade. I started to see my blessings even more clearly. I looked at my hubby and appreciated even more the patient, strong and amazing man that he is. He was unshaken, and we resolved to remain positive and focused. I then looked at my potential to address the situation and realized, because it had never affected me directly, the issue of violence in the home was never a priority for me. But now a passion had been stirred by someone who had nothing but bad intentions.

As a result, I am speaking out on this issue more and more, to girls, to women, to boys and to men and I am working on ways to spread the message that peace, respect and love in the home, means peace respect and love in society. Violence and hate in the home means violence and hate in society. We must decide to live our best life and leave a positive legacy. After all, our time on this earth is so short. 

Judas may have betrayed Jesus but God used his greed and evil intentions for the greater good. God turns challenge into opportunity, and gives you the chance to turn that opportunity into a blessing - thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to make a difference. Each time you face a challenge, remember to ask yourself where the opportunity lies - i believe that you will find that our awesome Lord will give you the chance to turn it around for the greater good. 

I'd love to know, have you ever had a challenge that God changed into an opportunity? If so, please do share your story :)


  1. first time i have heard of this

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  3. Thanks for putting the point straight but always know that there are people whose others success is so irritating.But let that not bring you down..It should help you even soar more into the sky

  4. Thanks Julie for sharing your hurts, and allowing God use your trial to be the healing balm for another person.
    My experience happened just a few wks back. On a walk in clinic session; the radiologist after an ultrasound scan just shouted out.. There is no baby in here! Well...that can mean anything or nothing depending.. But now that I was 30wks pregnant it was like a death blow, a deadly typhoon that cud have sent me to paradise pap!
    After regaining my composure I walked out of the clinic to face the grim reality of no baby for my labor of nearly 8 months. The clothes were ready, the warm home was waiting..the entire family was eager..
    Fast forward and the next step was the surgical theatre; one more theatre and consequent hospital visits to ensure all is well with my health. (continues to date of writing this.)
    Now, midst all this pain I see gain. I've always been empathetic and compassionate but I needed some shove to get me into action. Now i'm focused on reproductive health issues..espe to the less privileged.
    Yes Julie, God is using my missed baby to prepare me save many mothers and babies. When we surrender our pain to a loving God He will surely turn it into gain.
    Thanks for opening up and sharing so candidly Julie. Those few hrs and subsequent days of not knowing what to expect on the part of my health I was so overwhelmed, I wish I had access to such a blog!
    Love yu Julie, keep on the good work.

  5. Julie, This is Tony Mureithi an aspiring Member of Parliament in Ndia constituency...and i must say this is one of the Most fascinating blog i have ever seen! Coming out clear and instead of criticizing and expressing your annoyance you simply forgave. I love it all through...Forgiving is the only way to move forward. People will talk and will simply Keep you said, Vengeance is for GOD...Keep well sister! Wish you and your awesome family and awesome time...GOD BLESS.

  6. Julie you are such an life i leant that people will say all kinds of things about me and i also discovered the power of deaf ear.


  7. Thanks so much for sharing guys... Thanks for contributing Watesh...
    Zero... I appreciate it, bless you!
    Raquel, you are incredibly brave, I can understand exactly how you must have felt in that clinic and thereafter. It is incredible that in the midst of that storm you were able to see your opportunity clearly. I would be happy to post your story if you don't mind. Maybe we could discuss more offline... My email address is My respect, regard and blessings for you and your loved ones!
    Tony, thank you so much wishing you an awesome ride in politics, go for it... Be bold and courageous, stand up for what's right, lead and try not to be led... Most of all though I wish you God's wisdom and blessings!
    Adeleide, thank you :) I love that - deaf ear... Nice :) bless you!

  8. Yes God is a healer. Not time..
    I'm yet to catch sleep, tis 1 AM.. My hubby purring softly, I wish I was in his place but I quickly realize some crosses can only be borne by the one they were made for.
    The word is to maintain a positive attitude in our pain; dont burden or blame others. They have their share too.. If not now, twill be so at the turn of the wheel. Cos we all like a wave of the sea must experience the crests then drop and on and on..
    (I did the email Julie.)

  9. Wonderful piece. Julie, You'll be amazed at how many young ladies today are okay with their husbands/boyfriends beating them up... Because of the "There-are-no-good-men-today-anyway" argument. Its utterly disappointing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I would just like to remind you that what the enemy intends for harm God intends for Good...Genesis 50:20. With that principle in life you will not be surprised at anything. You shine more each day!